We’ve been fortunate to partner with top companies across the full range of industries all over the world, including 87 of the Fortune 100, from financial services to pharma, from entertainment to high tech.

Who we help

city_nightWe help all kinds of companies thrive.

We have hands-on experience and deep category knowledge across a broad range of industries. We’ve worked with 80% of the largest banks, four of the five largest energy companies and the four largest automobile manufacturers. We craft custom solutions to help companies across a broad spectrum of industries compete, comply and thrive in their sectors. We are particularly proud of the fact that more than half of the top 100 clients we had 10 years ago are still clients today.

69 offices serving 1,800 clients in 70 countries
We have served half of the Fortune Global 500
100% retention of our top 50 clients year after year

What Clients Say

“My experience partnering with RGP has been extremely positive. We used a strategy firm to help us develop our approach and leveraged RGP for supplemental project management talent to implement and execute our plan. I am a big believer in a variable model to ensure the right talent to drive results and optimize costs. RGP’s Consultants understand business requirements, partner effectively with all levels within the organization and operate as trusted business advisors. As long as they keep delivering the talent we have experienced, RGP will continue to be a trusted partner on internal change initiatives and priority projects.”
— John W. Baker, former Senior Vice President, Caesars Entertainment, Inc.

“RGP was a tremendous asset to our operation and helped us transition our local IT organization into a value add entity. They provided first rate talent that yielded immediate results.”
— Daniel Hutto, Vice President of Business Operations, Cox Communications, Inc.

"RGP offers a unique business model in the legal community that sets them apart from their competitors. They are especially focused on client service, business solutions and offer a compelling value proposition. We appreciate their dedication to diversity and their commitment to providing highly accomplished attorneys and paralegals that can hit the ground running and quickly integrate with our legal team. When our legal team needs support we know we can count on RGP to deliver.
— Ted Gizewski, Assistant General Counsel, Microsoft Corporation



We help companies of all sizes from virtually every industry—from automotive to aerospace, from gaming to government, from technology to telecommunications and everything in between. We bring deep industry knowledge acquired from years of experience working across the full range of business functions to help plan and implement initiatives for everything from cost containment to global expansion.

Featured Industry Insights

We have exacting clients who look to us for leadership, fresh ideas, and sustainable solutions. Each engagement is a learning experience. To view our featured industry insights, click below:

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Success Stories

Every enterprise is unique. But challenges can be similar

One way to determine whether a consulting firm is right for your needs is to look into how they’ve helped others with similar challenges. Featured success stories:

Acquisition Integration
Successful integrations.
At all levels of the enterprise.

Financial Consolidation
Multiple acquisitions. One Global
Financial Data Architecture.

Contract Licensing
Entertainment knows the
value of licensing. So do we.

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