Business Process Transformation (BPT)

Client Initiative Situation How We Helped Outcome


One of Mexico's Largest Banks (Division of a Large Global Bank)



Business Process Transformation of Financial Planning and Analysis



After integration with a global financial services company, a large foreign bank needed help making significant changes to their Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A). They chose RGP to help drive the change.


How We Helped

We devised a multi-phase, Six-Sigma approach for augmenting Client capabilities.

Phase one identified more than 120 improvement opportunities. Phase two re-engineered organizational, process, and Information Technology (IT) solutions.  We developed 56 work streams, of which the Client approved 43 as “high priority.”



We completed the 43 priority work streams under budget and ahead of schedule, streamlining the Client’s month-end close and internal financial reporting processes as well as meeting all SEC reporting requirements.

As a result of our work, the CFO reported greater collaboration between staff and Finance function. The improvements had a significant sustainable impact on the organization.

Measurable achievements included:  

  • Reporting efficiency improved by ~2,000 man hours per month, saving the company more than  $1M per annum.
  • Report accuracy (reduction of errors and re-work) improved from 86% to 97% (100% for FP&A  managed data).
  • Reporting timeliness (meeting both internal and external deadlines) improved from 79% to 96%  (and to 100% for FP&A managed data).
  • The newly designed business processes enabled the organization to complete all public reports  by Business Day 5 and 85% of business reports by Business Day 6.

RGP provided a Final Report at project closing, outlining lessons learned and specific, customized and actionable recommendations for on-going continuous improvement.