Global Luxury Retailer



Change Management for ERP Implementation



A global luxury retailer engaged a system integration firm to implement Oracle’s R12 Project Module. The implementation did not go well and RGP was asked to oversee the re-implementation with specific strategies that would be successful in that particular organization.


How We Helped

We developed, led and helped execute the re-implementation. Focusing on the emotional engagement of employees, we recommended an Organizational Governance Framework to identify the internal owner of each policy as well as its internal control event, recommended activity, role responsibility, and transaction timing. We provided:

  • An end-user Impact Assessment outlining the re-implementation approach, purpose, and benefits, as well as user feedback, assessment summary, findings and recommendations. 
  • A Change Management Adoption Plan recommending specific activities for implementation.
  • Specific deliverables, attributes, key considerations, timing and responsibilities for each activity.
  • A Communication Plan identifying message objectives, sender, recipient and distribution date plus adoption and technical communications to support cutover and go-live activities.
  • Oracle Projects Properties Overview Training.
  • Cross-functional sessions involving Properties/Real Estate, Finance, Accounting and Information Systems.
  • Discussions and workshops around practice and policy development.
  • Deployment and adoption approaches for each policy, including key stakeholders, messaging, project plan, and communications
  • Internal communications related to policy changes, scope and goals.
  • Global policy as it relates to the project cost management process model.
  • Specific policy communications, Quick Reference Guides and adoption plan.
  • A Project Management Business Policy Library with detailed policies to support the Oracle Projects re-implementation, including 15 policies related to Project Information Management​.


After obtaining agreement from the CFO, COO, SVP Properties, SVP Finance, CIO and CAO, we aligned new policies and procedures with best practices and new system capabilities. Working with the Client’s internal project manager and the previous system integration firm, we were able to turn the project around and help the Client achieve sustainable success.