Secondment/Project Support: Optimized Workflow Management System

Client Initiative Situation How We Helped Outcome


Global Investment Management Company



Develop and implement a worldwide SharePoint Account Management System



A global investment management firm required assistance developing and implementing a worldwide SharePoint Account Management System to help its Legal & Compliance Department enhance customer relations and workflow management. The Client chose RGP Legal.

The project included legal analysis of both international and domestic Investment Management Agreements and coding of Investment Management Agreement metadata.

Client accounts were enmeshed in a tangle of regulations, including defined benefit and contribution retirement plans subject to ERISA and Taft Hartley, insurance accounts subject to state laws, and mutual funds and collective investment trusts subject to domestic and foreign securities laws. Additionally, the Client required the development of an internal user guide for use of the information management system.


How We Helped

The Client originally requested only legal consulting, but we recommended the addition of a Finance & Accounting consultant with financial services industry experience.

The RGP team reported to the Client's Legal & Compliance Department, managing the day-to-day operations for an on time and in budget completion. The team developed the internal user guide and ensured that daily targets for analysis and coding of the information were met.



RGP Legal delivered a cost effective and efficient solution for the Client's project by utilizing a team consisting of two experienced attorneys (for a fraction of what a major law firm would charge) and RGP consultants from other business disciplines.