Pavisse™ is the most comprehensive and intuitive incident reporting solution on the market today. Exceptional functionality and intuitive UI make it the perfect tool for meeting all your incident reporting needs.


Simple, Intuitive, Comprehensive

Pavisse Incident Management System allows your organization to manage and resolve adverse effects and issues in areas such as Patient Safety, Employee and Non-Employee, Patient Confidentiality, and Operations. Incidents are entered by answering a series of simple questions that walk you through the reporting process in a matter of minutes. Once the data has been captured, the system routes the incident for follow up and the transparent workflow begins



Pavisse Drives Incident Management Success

Pavisse makes incident reporting quick and easy. It streamlines internal processes by capturing and routing incidents, anonymously. And captured incidents can be grouped as needed for priority resolution. Complaints, grievances, and behavioral and safety incident captures can all be grouped by severity to achieve faster outcomes and improved customer relations.  And Pavisse gives you the ability to track continued progress using dashboards and real-time reporting. Additional capabilities include:

  • Built in Corrective Action Plans and Root Cause Analysis functionality
  • Audit functionality to access current processes and identify those in need of improvement
  • Submission of incidents to Patient Safety Organizations using AHRQ formats
  • Submission of incidents to governing agencies such as State and Federal reporting 

Comprehensive Reporting

Pavisse provides concise, robust, real-time reporting that allows you to manage current issues requiring immediate identification for resolution. Additional tools such as meters, trending and chart-type graphs help you address your reporting requirements. Pavisse lets you:

  • Customize and save reports for your specific needs
  • Design reports to automatically run and distribute to staff quickly and easily
  • Export reports in all major formats, including Excel, PDF, Word, etc
  • Automate report scheduling
  • Use interactive dashboards to convey current status and progress over time

Central Library​​

Pavisse Library makes it easy to access performance improvement related documents such as policies, procedures, and best practices, from one central location.

  • Content is regularly updated with current regulations or accrediting standards by RGP Healthcare
  • Compliance-based documents can be downloaded and edited to meet your organization’s needs
  • Information is accessible on demand from a centralized document database
  • Time needed to search for performance improvement data is dramatically reduced 

Corrective Action Plans/Root Cause Analysis/ Audits​​

Pavisse Corrective Action Plans assist you in defining an issue’s root cause, deciding how to correct it, and validating that the final correction has been effective and complete. The Pavisse Root Cause Analysis component provides a number of standard analysis methodologies as well as built-in tools to assist you in identifying to the origin of the cause, not just the symptoms.

Our audit component determines whether incidents were properly routed, accurately categorized, and escalated to management if not addressed in a timely manner. Completion rates may be tracked at any moment in time. Using Pavisse tools, Audits can be created to test specific process improvement efforts.

Claims/Peer Review

Pavisse offers robust handling of claims/peer review. Claims cases can be entered directly with or without attaching to a reported incident. Claim and reserve functionality is segregated by role (and is available on a need-to-know basis). Peer Review cases can be entered with or without a link to a reported incident or an incident may be recommended for review. Features include:

  • Data fields to capture key questions and screening criteria
  • Peer Review fields customizable to client-specific needs 

Why Pavisse?

Pavisse has capabilities and functionality that make it stand out from the competition, all within one powerful tool, including:

  • Intuitive interview style fields
  • Ability to store data in multiple instances
  • Audit and status tracking using linkage to start Corrective Action Plans (CAPs)
  • Reporting to meet all state and federal format requirements
  • Functionality to capture third-party submission requirements; e.g. National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators (NDNQI), Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), Patient Safety Organizations (PSO)
  • Interfaces to all Electronic Health Record (EHR) vendor, credentialing, quality management, and e-mail applications
  • Functionality to capture governing agencies’ requirements, along with real-time alerts for assigning incident tasks
  • Comment and description fields for the capture of witness information used to further ascertain organization-specific details
  • Easy navigation between screens with quick-link processing ability
  • Facility defined and configurable security set-up, drop-down content and alerts
  • Task reminder email alerts as well as delegation of task reassignment
  • Incident segregation reporting for benchmark studies
  • Scoring and alerts by incident severity
  • Web-based solution
  • Reserve tracking and assignment 

To find out more, visit www.pavisse.com or call 877-895-4562.