Transaction Advisory Services

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RGP's Transaction Advisory Services team partners with clients to generate value on acquisitions and divestitures.

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Key Integration and Separation Focus Areas


Creating Value from M&A Transactions

RGP provides three categories of services:
Deal Assessment: We assist companies with assessing potential deal synergies, providing insight on non-financial risks and opportunities, developing a deal process or improving deal performance.

Deal Integration:
We assist companies integrating acquisitions with integration planning and execution to fully realize the transaction value.

Separation & Divestitures:
We assist companies divesting a business with minimizing disruption, managing cost structures, preparing for stand-alone entity and stabilizing Parent company post-deal closing.

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Our Team

RGP consultants have decades of experience with Big-4, Big Law and senior level leadership at top companies. We offer insight and knowledge. The extensive experience of our team allows them to add immediate value.

Ed Pisarchick
VP - Head of Transaction Advisory Services
Vicky Fang
Partner, Transaction Advisory Services
Michael Allen
Partner, Transaction Advisory Services
Heather Herbst
Partner, Transaction Advisory Services
Robert Jett
Partner, Transaction Advisory Services
John Kim, PMP
Partner, Transaction Advisory Services
Sanjiv Mehta
Partner, Transaction Advisory Services

Case Studies

Why We Were Engaged and How We Helped

Check out our case studies to delve into the specifics of some of the transaction advisory projects we’ve consulted on.

  • Enterprise Integration: Two leaders in the construction materials industry created a new Joint Venture, with plans to go to market more efficiently, by integrating manufacturing and distribution networks.
  • M&A Playbook and Integration Plans: We provided IMO leadership for the acquisition and developed a customized IMO solution set providing methodology, tools and templates for future transactions.
  • Cross-Border Acquisition: Our Client successfully completed the transaction, rebranded themselves publicly, and achieved revenue targets for the first quarter - all during a period of significant transformation.
  • Separation Management and Readiness: We provided separation leadership through management of the separation management office (SMO) and led six functional work-streams to ensure the divestiture stayed on-track