Accounting Pronouncements

Overview Approach Capabilities

Reporting standards are changing. RGP can help you assess the impact to your business and plan and execute a compliance strategy.


Our Approach

Our three-phased approach will help guide you through the intricacies of complying with accounting pronouncements and will get you back to business. It’s a practical, efficient and proven approach that includes the right set of tools and accelerators. It results in a comprehensive assessment of the impact pronouncements have on accounting policies & procedures, processes & controls, data & technology and change management needs, and an efficient approach to implementation.


Our Capabilities

Complying with the latest accounting pronouncements is a data driven and resource intensive undertaking. RGP has the experience, flexible resources and expertise to help.

Accomplished and Experienced Professionals

RGP's team of talented and experienced professionals is the cornerstone of our Finance and Accounting practice. They're supported with a robust infrastructure of training, tools and a global center of excellence all of which help us delivery unparalleled client service, across multiple functional areas.

How We Help

RGP can lead your implementation of the latest accounting pronouncements, work as part of your team or provide interim support to keep the business moving forward. We rapidly move talent in and out depending on your requirements.

Our Expertise

Technical Accounting Expertise

We help guide you through the nuances of the accounting policy and reporting requirements. Our technical accounting team has deep roots in both industry and Big4. Whether you’re looking to bring in a technical skillset lacking in your team or just need additional experts to supplement your team, help assess the impact and write white papers, we can provide those resources.

Systems Solutions Expertise

Recognized for our ability to successfully bridge the gap between technology and business stakeholders, RGP helps align and execute business and IT strategies that enable leaders to successfully drive change. Our professionals are highly adept at identifying and evaluating functional, business and interface requirements to verify system capability. Moreover, we have proven experience prioritizing those requirements to enable the solution that supports the workforce and the business today and for the planned future. See additional information on our information management practice.

Project Management Expertise

We believe project management is an integral part of successfully implementing new accounting pronouncements. RGP’s approach to project management incorporates tools, templates, and best practices for processes and deliverables, serving as accelerators for our clients’ projects. This enhances delivery quality, timelines and cost performance and is applicable across all project types and methodologies. See additional information on our project management practice.

Change Management Expertise

With deep backgrounds in change management, employee communications, strategy development, compliance/legal, and organizational design and alignment, RGP has helped companies through substantial change. See additional information on our change management practice.