Business Intelligence (BI)

Overview Approach Capabilities
bi_headerIn the era of Big Data, sifting through continually growing mountains of information for a meaningful competitive advantage is a towering challenge. We can help you implement a Business Intelligence program that turns torrents of raw data into pools of useable insights.

The Better the Question, the More Useful the Answer

Business Intelligence drives value by providing critical insights. At RGP, BI is a core competency. With 10-20 years’ functional and consulting experience, we provide BI thought leadership, executing critical BI initiatives from strategy through implementation and enhancing data and technology effectiveness throughout the enterprise. BI:

  • Finds and analyzes data to help predict outcomes
  • Distributes information appropriately
  • Integrates data from diverse sources into an up-to-date 360º view
  • Makes IT more strategic
  • Makes users more self-sufficient by providing access to information

Visit Integrated Data Governance to learn how RGP can help ensure the quality of your data before starting a BI initiative.


Our Approach

Hands-On, Experience-Based

We bring years of practical, hands-on functional experience and help clients carry out a wide range of BI initiatives, including:


Our Capabilities

Integrated, Enterprise-Level BI

BI turns information into knowledge. It’s integral to strategy, data and technology. Our  broad functional expertise gives us the capability to implement integrated, enterprise-level BI that gets the most out of all three areas:


  • Assist in defining your objectives for maximum data usage
  • Manage business proactively
  • Identify opportunities for differentiation in the marketplace
  • Capitalize on trends before competitors


  • Provide better information to the organization
  • Combine operational and financial metrics for better insight across the organization
  • Standardize and consolidate information to allow for easy access and analysis by anyone in the company ecosystem


  • Reduce the cost of doing business and improve IT capability
  • Implement quickly and adapt flexibly
  • Integrate different types of information into a single view
  • Assure quality of information, with pre-integrated data quality solutions

“RGP was a tremendous asset to our operation and helped us transition our local IT organization into a value add entity. They provided first rate talent that yielded immediate results.”

— Daniel Hutto, Vice President of Business Operations - Cox Communications, Inc.