Business Transformation (BT)

Overview Approach Capabilities
Not content with just surviving market conditions, forward-looking business leaders are transforming companies to improve outlook, gain efficiencies, and optimize people, processes and systems. Many leading companies turn to RGP for help. 

Driving Business Transformation ​Forward

All businesses must periodically reinvent themselves to respond to changes in demand, competition, regulation and other external forces. We’ve conducted thousands of successful enterprise-wide transformations, helping all kinds of companies across the gamut of industries cut costs, streamline operations, and build operational excellence and sustainable, long-term growth.


Our Approach

A Flexible, Collaborative Approach

No two organizations are alike, so there is no one-size-fits-all BT solution. We take a flexible, collaborative approach to BT. We start by understanding the market pressures creating the need for change. We build stakeholder agreement on the form the change should take. We design new ways of working, implementing and testing the changes to ensure their sustainability. The following chart shows the types of transformation we help effect and the core focus behind the change.


Our Capabilities

Robotic Process Automation

With capabilities across the full range of functional business disciplines, RGP is well positioned to help ensure your vision is implemented and embraced. We’ve completed thousands of successful, strategic, enterprise-wide changes for many of the world’s leading organizations. Our program and project managers draw on 10-20 years of industry and consulting experience to ensure your transformation is completed on time and within budget. 

At RGP, we are seeing companies embark on RPA initiatives with the expectation of certain benefits:

  • Cost efficiencies
  • Significant improvement in the quality of service delivery
  • Rapid access to accurate insights leading to better decision making
  • Reduction in processing time
  • Higher ROI and excellent user experience

Learn more about RGP’s structured and proven methodology. RGP Robotic Process Automation