COSO Compliance

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The 2013 Internal Control Integrated Framework

A majority of public companies have already adopted the 2013 COSO Framework, increasing stakeholder expectations. So, if you haven't begun implementing the 2013 COSO Framework, it's time to start. Now. We can help.

Making COSO ​Compliance as ​Painless as ​Possible

There’s no question that complying with the new COSO Framework is an imperative for SEC public companies. Compliance may be a hassle, but non-compliance is worse—especially since it can result in material weaknesses requiring public disclosure. We help make compliance as painless as possible. Don’t wait till the last minute to get started. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Develop a transition timetable for the new framework
  • Communicate the impact of the new framework to affected employees
  • Prioritize the implementation of new controls
  • Remediate control deficiencies based on current staffing resources
  • Assess the financial reporting risk for identified gaps
  • Consult with external auditors to ensure alignment


Our Approach

Tailored, End-to-End Solutions

We employ a flexible, end-to-end approach to compliance, providing a tailored solution to your company’s unique needs and circumstances. We can help you:

  • Map internal controls to the COSO Framework’s 17 Principles
  • Identify and remediate gaps
  • Optimize the internal control environment
  • Simplify mapping of controls (with our technology platform, policyIQ)

We approach COSO Compliance in four phases as seen in the chart below.

To ​optimize your COSO compliance ​efforts, we recommend:

  • Starting the transition process as soon as possible
  • Communicating frequently with your external auditors
  • Using this opportunity to streamline key controls and reduce costs
  • Leveraging technology to promote efficiency and effectiveness
  • Considering uses for the framework beyond SOX compliance

Our high-value professional services model offers both strategic and practical solutions with hands-on execution. And we can start at any stage of your COSO compliance efforts. 


Our Capabilities

The Cost Effective Solution to Complex Compliance

We are accomplished professionals with 10-20 years’ experience in both consulting and corporate roles. We’ve provided thousands of clients with a unique and cost-effective alternative to traditional consulting and accounting firms, assisting them with complex compliance initiatives. We’re here to help with your regulatory initiatives.