Executive Search

With a long and distinguished history of 35 years’ in executive search, RGP Search has successfully forged strong relationships and partnered with our clients in identifying outstanding executive talent to take their companies to the next level. We have a track record of helping high-growth and start-up companies and well as Fortune 500 organizations hire top notch executives.

Our Search Team has established relationships with many of the best of brightest professionals in the industry. Based on our unique approach to search and our expertise in assessing talent, we are able identify and present top executives in a timely and efficient manner. We are nimble, we listen and we care.

RGP Search offers exclusive retained, commitment and contingency search for the C-Suite, Accounting & Finance, Audit, Tax, Information Technology, Human Resources and Supply Chain.


Hiring the best talent is the foundation of building a world-class organization and moving it successfully into the future. RGP Search partners with clients to find accomplished leaders who create synergy with the existing team to accelerate growth. 

Our Search Team started their careers in Big 4 and top management consulting firms and moved to the industries and functional areas we serve.We ensure our clients work with people who understand your business and have the knowledge to assess and qualify professionals effectively.


RGP’s Search Team sources candidates who bring leadership, an entrepreneurial spirit, and high quality results in all that they do. We thoughtfully select our candidates and guide them through the hiring process by connecting them to high potential opportunities that tightly align with our client’s culture and organizational goals. Our Search Team leverages their diverse and extensive professional backgrounds to focus on creating an exceptional candidate experience that leads to an impactful outcome.

It is our hope to partner with you and be a part of your success story.  For more information regarding how RGP Search can help you transform your career, please contact your RGP Search Professional or info@RGP.com.