Data Governance adds value to information by building confidence in your ability to increase security, enhance operational effectiveness, and boost profitability. RGP has helped hundreds of organizations implement Data Governance initiatives. We can help your company too.

Maximizing the Value of Data

The abundance of access to data along with changes in technology and regulations have increased the need for a coordinated governance framework across the enterprise. Data Governance fills that need. It establishes decision rights and accountability for the management and ownership of data. It sets the processes, roles, standards and metrics for effective data utilization. It provides a level of confidence in the quality of data thereby increasing its value.

How developed is your Data Governance?

  • Do you have an established Data Governance program?
  • Are your Data Governance processes clearly documented and communicated to IT and other organizations?
  • Are these processes repeatable with consistent results?
  • Is your organization’s Data Governance documentation comprehensive enough for regulatory reviews?
  • How effectively do you leverage metrics to monitor your Data Governance program?
  • What types of tools are you using to manage metadata?

Maturity Model

The following chart is useful for assessing “as is” and “to be” states on a continuum of Data Governance Maturity.


Our Approach

Hands-on Implementation in Three Phases

RGP employs a proven, hands-on approach to implementing and enhancing Data Governance. Working with your teams, under your direction, we assess where your organization falls on the maturity model. Then we work with you to develop a roadmap for implementation or improvement. The chart below shows our approach to implementing Data Governance in three phases: Design, Plan, and Execute.


Our Capabilities

Strategic Solutions, Practical Implementation

Our qualifications in Data Governance are unique among consulting firms. We offer both strategic solutions and practical implementation. As a high-value, professional services model, we are positioned to help with optimizing:


Data Analytics

Organizations of all kinds are struggling to make sense of the deluge of data they collect every day. The problem is that data is of little use until it’s translated into actionable insights. Turning data into useful information requires careful planning that follows a proven approach. RGP can help create a roadmap to an analytics solution that works for your company, fostering a data driven culture to drive success.

Make Better Decisions

By turning raw data into useful information, Data Analytics gives leaders the power to understand in near-real time what’s happening throughout their organization. RGP can help identify key data elements for analysis and quiet the noise of irrelevant data. We work with you to establish governance and management around the data, ultimately determining the appropriate technology solution.

Unleashing the Power of Data

Companies seeking help with Data Analytics come to us from all industries and functional areas.  What they all have in common is a desire to leverage data and make sense of information extracted from data; to monitor activities, events, and incidents in real time; to improve the accuracy of their forecasts and quality of their decisions. They know that information is power and that Data Analytics is empowering. They want to be at the forefront of the data revolution.

Our Approach

Every business is different, so we tailor Data Analytics solutions to the individual business or department we’re engaged to help. We immerse ourselves in your business to understand your information needs. We are solution-agnostic and work with all major Data Analytics software providers. We take a collaborative approach to Data Analysis, an approach driven by your business goals and information requirements.

RGP provides a flexible, multidisciplinary approach to Data Analytics that includes:


Data Conversion Optimization

Business leaders rely on accurate data to make critical decisions, fast. The cost of bad data is significant. A recent study showed inaccurate reporting and poor data governance resulted in 6.2% revenue loss for non-U.S. companies and 7.3% revenue loss for U.S. Companies.

High Quality Data Improves Your Bottom Line

Data conversion/migration is the translating of data from one format to another due to business expansions, combining multiple systems or upgrading hardware/software. The objective of optimal data conversion is to maintain all of the data with as much of its embedded information as possible.

How ​We ​Work

We take a collaborative, flexible approach to Data Conversion, tailoring our methods to our client’s specific needs in order to ensure successful outcomes. The following chart shows the steps we take to data conversion.

Our Expertise

RGP has provided data conversion expertise for numerous clients and system integrators. We’re credentialed, professional, and highly experienced, offering value-driven solutions, within a flexible, client-centric business model.

We provide hands-on expertise in:

  • Project management
  • System selection
  • Implementation & support
  • Process reengineering
  • Business requirements & analysis
  • Testing & quality assurance
  • Report & analytics development
  • System stabilization & optimization


Information Security

Every organization needs a reliable way of keeping information out of the wrong hands. RGP helps business leaders develop and implement information security programs that defend assets and optimize business results.

Defend ​Your Data

Preventing security incidents is a critical business function that directly impacts an organization’s profitability and effectiveness. RGP can help you keep data from unauthorized use, disclosure, and distribution, from corruption and destruction. All of which can seriously disrupt business, weaken brand reputation, and threaten customer relations.

Our Approach

A Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Security, Compliance, and Risk Management

We start with a current-state assessment of your security organization, utilizing a multi-disciplinary framework that covers security, privacy, compliance, and risk management—all within the context of security governance. Based on our five-point scale, we determine your organization’s security state, provide an integrated plan to meet your desired level of security, and help with implementation. The end result transforms your security program into a competitive advantage. The following chart shows a range of security states from chaotic and ineffective to adaptive and very effective security.

Our Capabilities

Tailored, Practical Solutions for Securing Your Information

We have the skills and insights to help drive the successful implementation of your security plan. Our information security services are differentiated by our ability to bring:

  • 10-20 years’ experience with Big Four and industry knowledge
  • Expertise in enterprise risk management, standards, frameworks and methodologies such as ISO270001/2, NIST, PCI/DSS, HIPAA, HITECH, SOX and CoBIT
  • Practical solutions and independent judgment to help transform your security program
  • Tailored solutions with roadmaps and strategic security plans to achieve results
  • Understanding of strategy, risk, compliance and business acumen to ensure success


Data Privacy Compliance

Businesses are grappling with how to ensure compliance with privacy regulations and directives around the globe. As if customer relations and priceless IP weren’t motivation enough. RGP can help provide a robust security solution to the challenge.

  • What constitutes Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
  • Where it’s stored and who has access to it
  • What to do with the data you collect
  • How to keep private data private

How We Work

RGP brings significant industry experience, multi-disciplinary expertise and operational know-how to your compliance initiatives, offering an approach that is practical, cost-effective and tailored to the needs of each client. We can help you strategically plan and implement a solid data privacy program to achieve your compliance goals. The chart below shows our steps to data privacy compliance.

Rewards of an Effective Data Privacy Program

In addition to mitigating risk, the development of an effective privacy compliance program positively impacts businesses in the following ways:

  • Enables global business and product strategies
  • Improves cross-border information sharing and reporting
  • Reduces costs of implementing new systems and optimizes existing ones
  • Ensures customer and employee loyalty
  • Promotes a socially responsible culture

Our Expertise

We have the regulatory and technological know​-how to help achieve your data privacy goals. Acting as an agile arm of our clients’ knowledge base, we bring the following capabilities to help you.

  • Data-flow analysis
  • Risk assessment
  • Policy and procedures
  • Regulation and compliance
  • Remediation
  • Monitoring and Training