Leadership Development

Overview Approach Capabilities
In today’s business environment, a strong leadership pipeline is critical to success. Yet in most companies, the system for identifying and nurturing leaders is ineffective, or worse, non-existent. RGP can help you build a pipeline that serves all levels of the enterprise, moving effective leaders ever closer to top positions.

A Talent-rich Pipeline

A robust, well-designed leadership development program that’s strategically aligned to your corporate goals is essential to developing a talent-rich pipeline. RGP can help you build the right system for identifying future leaders consistent with your corporate culture and goals. We work with to equip decision makers with the confidence to:

  • Improve bottom-line performance
  • Attract and retain valued talent
  • Establish a performance driven culture
  • Increase organizational agility


Our Approach

Maximizing Leadership Development ROI

Every year, corporations spend billions of dollars on leadership training only to discover it doesn’t work. Training leaders is only effective if those you train have the interest, passion and constitution to lead. We immerse ourselves in your corporate goals and leadership needs; then we help you customize a sustainable leadership development solution that identifies and cultivates the right candidates, those who will maximize ROI, before preparing them to meet business and market challenges.



Years of Practical Experience

Some leadership qualities are easily taught, others ​are innate. People have varying degrees of skill and desire to lead. As pioneers of practical consulting, RGP has years of experience building teams and, more importantly, identifying and developing leaders. We can help you with: 

  • Selection of leadership candidates
  • Development approach and learning framework
  • Design, delivery and measurement of programs, capabilities, processes and tools
  • Project management and administration
  • Implementation of talent and learning management systems
  • Communications strategy
  • Succession planning
  • Change management