Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) are exploding in numbers worldwide, and the trend is likely to continue. Unfortunately, many transactions fail to generate expected value or return on investment due to poor due diligence, integration challenges and other unforeseen hurdles. RGP has the experience and expertise to deliver value from M&A transactions.

Achieve Strategic Objectives

From the due diligence of identifying and vetting the target company to challenges of integrating businesses, people, processes and cultures, we work with you to preserve and create value throughout the entire M&A process. The following chart shows our integration timeline. 

Leveraging Synergies

The fact is, up to 80% of M&A transactions fail to deliver expected value. Most organizations, even among Fortune 500 companies, lack the expertise, bandwidth and capability to capitalize on transactions.

That’s where RGP comes in. As an agile partner, we provide experience, best practices and subject-matter expertise. We can lead the entire transaction from beginning to end or supply needed expertise and bandwidth. Our experience can help you maximize synergy and transaction value.



Creating Value from M&A Transactions

RGP’s approach is built on a Workstream Model—leveraging Program & Project Management and Change Management—all orchestrated by an Integration Management Office to deliver your business goals.

Our M&A Transaction service offering is differentiated by:

  • Merger integration expertise with acquisition integration methodology across multiple business disciplines
  • Flexibility and independent judgment to succeed in complex client integration environments
  • Customizable solutions
  • Operationally-accomplished teams that bring both integration experience and business acumen to every engagement


RGP’s M&A Transaction Services leverages deep, broad expertise in project and change management, human capital, information management, supply chain management, finance & accounting and legal and compliance to extract maximum value. RGP has a proven track record of partnering with clients, from Fortune 500 to mid-sized companies, to integrate acquisitions and execute long-term transformational initiatives.


Our People

Our people are accomplished professionals with substantial experience in M&A Transaction Services. We excel in creating value from M&A transactions and we’re ready to help with the challenges you’re facing.
George Chin
North America Managing Director, Transaction Services


Value, Efficiency & Market Share

We’ve helped leading organizations leverage M&A Transaction Services to increase efficiency and market share. To find out some of what we’ve learned, check out our insights.

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Why We Were Engaged and How We Helped

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