Supplier Program & Process Review

Overview Approach Capabilities
Supplier program and process reviews protect your company’s interests, reputation, and bottom line. Verifying that product and process meet contract compliance and conformance specifications increases transparency, reduces financial risk and improves procure-to-pay processes. RGP can lead or augment your teams in carrying out reviews.  

Review Drive ROI

Outsourcing and globalization have been a boon to consumers and corporations alike, producing acceptable quality at the lowest possible price. But they have also increased dependency on low-cost country suppliers, creating longer supply chains often resulting in a lack of transparency that can only be addressed by periodic reviews. Supplier program and process reviews typically deliver results with an ROI greater than 2:1. The following chart shows some of the benefits.


Our Approach

Flexible, Collaborative

We work collaboratively, inside your business, alongside your people, sharing insights and expertise, and making sure our recommendations are the right fit for your organization. We help collect, analyze and interpret data, monitor and report findings and we apply the results in a way that ensures sustainable change and maximizes deliverables such as:

  • Financial recovery
  • Contract compliance
  • Internal controls
  • Process improvements